Living room interior inspiration



To create a showhome inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Showhome interior styling
Bedroom interior design


The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel is a hotel where guests go to live like Hollywood royalty and from the moment you step onto the signature red carpet and enter the grand lobby you are surrounded by glamour and luxury.


Beverly Hills itself is a place where retro meets contemporary, a pink lovers heaven and a place where people dare to be different, so this was something we were keen to bring through into the interiors. We knew we had to create the ‘wow factor’ and take this show apartment to the next level, but with keeping the buyer in mind and creating something people could see themselves living in.


By using a green and pink base colour palette we ensured the interiors represented Hollywood glamour, elegance, luxury and a touch of retro-meets-contemporary.  

Just like the Beverly Hills Hotel we wanted to capture you as soon as you entered the apartment so created a beautifully dramatic entrance hall. Working with limited natural light we chose a deep green colour on the walls which was complemented by feature wallpaper on the ceiling to create the illusion of more light and space.

In the living room bold, black and white palm leaf wallpaper creates the perfect backdrop to this Hollywood scene. With touches of black and white photography, brass details and a mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings you immediately get a sense of Hollywood glamour.

Instead of a collection of Hollywood trophies we chose a slightly more achievable botanicals look. The greenery ties in with the colour palette beautifully and is reminiscent of the Hollywood hills and palm trees.

The second bedroom has a charming mixture of elegance and drama. The soft muted pink walls and ceilings allow the patterned headboard and fabrics to really glow, striking a balance of pattern and block colour.

The master bedroom introduces a classic meets contemporary feel with the stunning bold green velvet bed with pink inlay. We also added hints of gold in the bedding and cushion fabrics, and these are picked out in the floral chinoiserie-style wallpaper panels.


“As per our initial brief and concept meeting, I wanted the Beverly Hills Hotel feel to shine through this apartment
– especially in the lounge. From the bold wallpaper, velvet green sofa and bonbons in the cocktail glass – INVESTA understood what we wanted!”

James Pitt

Sales Manager, Bellway Homes