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Beckton Parkside: An award-winning​ Beverly​ Hills inspired interior for Bellway Homes

With the recent news of our International Property Awards win with our Beckton Parkside project we wanted to share a little glimpse into the interiors, including an interview with James Pitt, Sales Manager at Bellway Homes.

Beckton Parkside has won in the category of Residential Interior Show Home for London.

Please provide some information about the development, location and target demographic?

"Beckton Parkside is located adjacent to the Beckton District Park, providing beautiful views and easy access to enjoying long days outdoors. With studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available there’s something for everyone and in an excellently connected area. Beckton has undergone large scale regeneration over the past few decades with close proximity to the city and great transport links making it a popular area for young professionals.

With this, we wanted the showhome to replicate the outdoor space and younger demographic, focusing on first-time buyers."

Please explain what you were hoping to achieve from the showhome and what your brief stated?

"As the development is surrounded by the park and pond areas, we wanted to bring the outside in. Not only is this really popular to do in interiors at the moment but it’s a great way to create spaces which feel like an escape from busy city life. This led me to think of my stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, where the interior brings the greens and pinks in from the surrounding area and I felt this would be a great theme to bring into the showhome – ensuring we captivated our target demographic with inspirational colours and patterns."

"We were working with a location that didn't have a hugely outgoing identity yet, so it was up to us to make the interiors truly captivating and encompass the retro, chic and glamorous atmosphere of Hollywood!" Alice Milnes, Lead Interior Designer

What is your favourite element of the showhome?

"I really wanted the Beverly Hills Hotel feel to shine through this apartment – especially in the lounge. From the bold wallpaper, velvet green sofa and bonbons in the cocktail glass – INVESTA understood exactly what we wanted!"

What feedback, if any, have you received from prospective buyers viewing the showhome?

"Many buyers have noted that it reminds them of a hotel in Hollywood which is fantastic as it shows we must have hit the mark with our theme. A lot of viewers specifically loved the fabrics, colours and patterns used throughout."

"I knew I had to create the ‘wow factor’ and take this show apartment to the next level, but with keeping the buyer in mind and creating something people could see themselves living in.
“By using a green and pink base colour palette I ensured the interiors represented Hollywood glamour, elegance, luxury and a touch of retro.” Alice Milnes, Lead Interior Designer

Please provide any key results you have on the success of the development so far.

"Beckton Parkside officially launched January 2020 and the first phase of 58 apartments sold out in 9 months. Absolutely fantastic results and I have no hesitation in saying this was largely due to the success of the showhome."

We are honoured to have been successful in the International Property Awards for a second year running and look forward to getting further results following the virtual red carpet event on the 11th December 2020.

"When I heard Beckton Parkside was being entered for the awards I was really excited. This is now the second UK Property Award win Vesta has achieved with their interiors for a Bellway project and I couldn't be happier!" James Pitt, Sales Manager, Bellway Homes

And finally, a huge thank you to James for the interview.

If you'd like to find out more about any of our services please do get in touch.

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