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Home Staging: Maximising the success of your property

This week mortgage rates increased to their highest level in 15 years with the average rate sitting at an eye-watering 6.6%. This means potential buyers and mortgage customers will have to pay a lot more now than if they had taken out the same mortgage a year or more ago.

This level of uncertainty has of course slowed the property market down. Buyers are hesitant of making a purchase for fear of what might happen next. Thus, this has left developers with empty properties on the market that they can’t sell or occupy.

We understand this stress, and we understand the importance of avoiding void periods and maximising saleability, which is why our home staging service has been created purely for developers to help sell their properties at the highest value, in the quickest time possible, in a very competitive market.

Home staging can provide developers with flexible options tailored to them. Their often-limited marketing budgets can’t stretch to fully-fledged showhomes, so instead, our cost-effective interiors can provide the perfect visual tool to help achieve their sales targets just as well. We like to think of home staging as the bridge between bespoke showhome designs and just furniture.

Director of Housing at INVESTA, Craig Osborne says: “We’re proud to not offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach as we know it doesn’t work for our customers and their needs.

"We work with our clients to find the best interiors solution for them at the right cost to help sell or occupy their property.”

First and foremost, interior design is at the heart of what we do so customers can pick and choose from our curated interior collections, and our team of designers is then on hand for advice and expertise on furniture placement, how to style tricky areas, and where best to add decorative accessories.

Craig goes on to say: “We’ve seen it happen. If you have two identical plots next to each other, and one’s dressed and one’s not, the one that’s dressed will always have more interest because it shows potential buyers and renters how they can furnish their new home and make the best use of the space. Everyone’s space perceptions are different, so home staging is a great sales tool.”

“As interior designers, it’s up to us to help demonstrate a property’s best use of space and we have no limits or minimum. Whether it’s an unusual layout or a property that is taking a while to sell, ultimately, we want to do all we can to help our customers sell that home. And we believe the personalised and flexible service we offer really sets us apart.”

And with the current economic situation, buyers are more discerning than ever. Competition is high so developers and agents must showcase their properties in the best way possible, meaning home staging is a great option for them. It’s quick, flexible, tailored, and can be moved from plot to plot if needed.

To find out more about how we can help present your property to its full potential with the help of our stress-free service, visit or for a brochure contact us via

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