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Industrial meets luxury loft living: our award-winning​, Explorer’s Wharf show home

We set out to create an interior scheme marrying the industrial with the luxurious. Combining natural materials with rich textures and bold patterns, echoing inspiration from warehouse living, Explorer’s Wharf was created to appeal to first-time buyers and young professionals in the E14 area.

With the recent news of our award win with the International Property Awards (best interior design show home) we wanted to showcase the inspiration behind the finished scheme at Explorer’s Wharf.

Our Vision

LOCATION When compiling the design inspiration, the ‘E14’ location was carefully taken into consideration. Having researched and visited the area we came away with three key focuses to incorporate into the design elements; Canary Wharf, Limehouse Basin and warehouse living.


Taking a more in depth look into the first-time buyer market and the young professionals around the area, we could see they would likely be city workers who would be looking to find a home that was an escape for them after a long, busy day in the city. And with this, that they’d likely have a love for culture and an urban lifestyle.


Taking the brief, location research and demographic insights into account this allowed our Senior Interior Designer, Gemma, to build an inspiration board.

Considering a young professional couple would want their home to be an escape from city life we created a 'luxurious, yet lived in' home using rich velvets and brass accents. A rich and tonal colour palette of greens, blues and neutrals was selected.

Inspiration also came from the once industrial, and now converted to residential, warehouses of London’s East Docklands, with handmade items and natural materials sourced to create this industrial, loft living, style with a touch of luxury.

I loved mixing the variety of textures to create the luxury, yet lived in, look! Gemma Roberts, Senior Interior Designer, Vesta

The Final Design


We designed this space to allow for entertaining guests, relaxing and enjoying time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and work.

Mixed textures and natural materials are used throughout, alongside bold velvet upholstery.

To target the culture lovers of the E14 area, little details were used in the styling such as paint brushes, books on cookery and fashion, and sculptures.


This bedroom was designed to inspire a feeling of tranquillity and calmness.

We used a light colour palette alongside oaks and white wood finishes. This continued the use of natural materials, with added feminine touches in the simple yet expressive artwork.


This bedroom provides a bold style alternative to the master bedroom whilst still using the same inspiration and tonal palette.

Featuring darker, moodier walls with a luxurious blush pink long panelled headboard we continued to strike the balance between industrial and luxury loft living.


We used a tile pattern wallpaper reflective of the warehouse living inspiration and featured an antique bronze mirror with scalloped details to further lighten the hallway and reflect the abstract artwork.

The hallway itself had very limited space to work with so the use of the repeat pattern wallpaper, and large mirror allows for the illusion of more space.

You can see the full portfolio for Explorer’s Wharf here, and if you’d be interested in finding out any more about Investa or in speaking with someone from the team, please get in touch today.

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