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Introducing INVESTA's New Furniture Collections

At INVESTA, we have been meticulously working behind the scenes, and we are thrilled to launch our new innovative Furniture Collections. Our five collections have been curated by our design studio to complement an array of architectural styles and locations. Each collection can be tailored to suit both your property requirements and budget with the end goal of maximising your investment. Whether you are planning to sell your property or secure a high-calibre tenant, our luxury furniture collections guarantee a swift return on your investment.

Enhance the appeal of your property with our professionally styled collections to differentiate your property in a competitive market. With a great emphasis on that ‘feel at home vibe’; let’s take a look at our complete furniture collections in more detail.

FURNITURE COLLECTION ONE - modern with an industrial twist

COLLECTION ONE is our entry-level package, suited for more budget-sensitive projects. Drawing inspiration from modern architecture, this collection boasts minimalist designs in durable finishes, less is more when it comes to this scheme.

Our inspiration for COLLECTION ONE was less is more. Non fussy, minimalist designs that result in a practical, functional living space. It offers quality, simplistic modern furniture with design features that focus on maximising the visual space with the clever use of glass tabletops, slim-line furniture frames and furniture elevated off the floor with legs.

Key aesthetics include contemporary curved upholstery designs contrasted with industrial inspired lighting and metal based tables. The sofa is available in either a light grey textile for understated sophistication or bold green velvet for a splash of personality. Variety is also offered with plush grey and teal velvet choices for the armchair. Geometric patterned floor rugs add another dimension of interest, bringing the floors to life to define the living space.

COLLECTION ONE features many design-led finishes including terrazzo stone, black metal and wood veneers. These timeless finishes will work in harmony with any flooring whilst the glass tabletops and elevated furniture work to visually maximise the space. Enhance this collection with our extensive range of finishing Touches’ including modern artwork, vibrant soft furnishings and decorative wall mirrors.

FURNITURE COLLECTION TWO - contrasting layered textures

COLLECTION TWO, a step up from our entry-level collection offering quality furniture for projects with lower rental expectations. Paying homage to biophilic design and the beauty of nature, this collection aims to create a space that is both inviting and warm.

Aesthetics include delightfully comfortable upholstery, available in marine-inspired hues of grey, blue and green. Organic textiles and natural wood finishes complete the palette, resulting in a tranquil environment for the occupant to relax and unwind. Our creative team layered colour, texture and pattern to create a welcoming space that’s not only balanced but playful too.

All of our interior design furniture collections are tenant focused with comfort and functionality being key features and wherever possible, our furniture is sustainably sourced to benefit the environment and overall well-being.

FURNITURE COLLECTION THREE - playful mid-century vibes

COLLECTION THREE is perfect for city-based properties that require an elevated finish, rich in style and character.

Honouring the influential Bauhaus movement and playful, mid-century vibes, our designers took inspiration from the main decor characteristics of this era. These include colourful and tufted upholstery combined with rich walnut woods fused with luxurious ceramic and marble accents.

COLLECTION THREE features carefully considered designs encompassing additional storage including a quirky built in magazine rack to the coffee table and an internal shelving within the chic brass trimmed media unit. Statement beds including our own winged design are wrapped in an array of eye catching fabrics and pair with an eclectic range of side tables to create unique, vibrant bedrooms.

FURNITURE COLLECTION FOUR - contemporary with radiant finishes

COLLECTION FOUR sits at the upper-end of our offering, complementing residential properties in affluent areas whether it be a period style property or a luxury new build development.

This collection is inspired by fashion where eclecticism works in harmony with classic designs. Presenting decadent upholstery and indulgent finishes for a luxuriously captivating décor.

Aesthetic highlights include an elegant sofa design with a slim profile to maximise seating space, this is available in either classic oatmeal or rich berry cosy wool fabric. The curved contours of the plush velvet ottoman and silhouette of the leather armchair unite for added depth and contrast.

Premium finishes flow seamlessly throughout this collection with tufted bed designs and smoked wood side tables illuminated with atmospheric, elegant lighting.

FURNITURE COLLECTION FIVE - timeless luxury with modern undertones

COLLECTION FIVE is our most prestigious collection and aligns with properties in the most desirable locations. Inspired by luxury living with a fusion of indulgent finishes and plush upholstery.

For a defined living space, this collection features a sumptuous corner sofa, available in a calming light or smart dark grey fabric both complementing the plush twist floor rug.

Statement pieces adorn each room including the multi-faceted elm wood coffee table and oversized padded headboards to provide strong focal points and an air of grandeur.

Other luxurious elements include marble lighting and shagreen; a finish that is particularly embraced for its delicate pattern. Warm metallics like brass are also a prevalent feature in this high-end interior scheme which is the epitome of modern opulence.

Contact INVESTA for exclusive and unrivalled furniture collections

If you’re looking to target a specific demographic and attract the right tenant or buyer, our furniture collections will ensure your property meets their expectations. For creative designs with a professional installation, please get in touch with our INVESTA team to ensure your property presents interiors that sell.


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