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Showhome living room interiors with styled accessories



After the success of our Beverly Hills Hotel inspired showhome, Bellway Homes asked us to update the design to include more neutral and classic tones to attract a new first-time buyer market.

Coffee table design
Living room showhome


Our inspiration for this project was influenced by contemporary designs and alpenglow; the reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains.

The client wanted to retain the large shelving unit which played a big part in the previous design, so this helped shape the inspiration for the colour palette.


We used a colour scheme inspired by the shades seen at sunset on snow-covered peaks translated into cool finishes and balanced with warm jewelled tones. These tones paired with a neutral base created areas of intrigue, ideal for our adventurous target market. 

On the walls of the living area, we used an understated embossed wallcovering with soft metallic details to evoke the appearance of a luxurious fine woven silk. The piping of the sofa added a touch of luxe and we styled the dining table with a dinner party in mind. To contrast and add texture to the space we placed a weathered-look drum side table next to the sofa.

In bedroom one we used a tonal and contemporary wallpaper with a camouflage pattern and complemented it with earthy, organic textures such as marble and boucle.

In the second bedroom we used a textured feature wallpaper with a design reminiscent of fossils combined with warm grey tones to create a calming and inviting space.

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