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Living room interiors



To create an elegant 3-bed showhome appealing to a more mature family that need extra space.

Bedroom interior design
Showhome living room


In order to appeal to a more mature audience we took inspiration from mid-century influences; using warm woods, soothing tones, a mix of textures and contemporary styling choices.


Throughout the house we used warm inviting colours including olive green, yellow and soft pinks alongside textured wallpapers, to create a homely space. We combined these with sophisticated walnut furniture pieces, brass details and marble elements to create a refined and luxurious look.


It was important the house had a grown-up feel despite being home to a busy family too, so we added statement pieces like the pendant light fitting with its opal glass and brass finish in the dining room and a large copper mirror in the hallway.

Remembering the family’s need for space we designed the second bedroom so it could be used as a guest room or young adult’s room, and the third bedroom could be used as a guest room or study.

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