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Living room interior inspiration



We worked with L&Q to create an inspirational showhome for a two-bedroom apartment in Canning Town, London. We were asked to target young professionals and first-time buyers drawn to the area for its proximity to The City and Canary Wharf.  

Bedroom interior styling
Showhome dining area


Throughout the scheme our inspiration for this project drew on the colour, shapes, and features of the nearby River Thames; inspiring the blue colour palette, artwork design, and chosen accessories.


One of our favourite elements of this showhome is the modern, geometric feature wall in the living room. This unique design was created to appeal to the young target audience and to contrast with the curves and organic feel of the river.


In the hallway, we used a striped paint effect inspired by typical nautical themes to reflect the water location and to create the idea of being on a boat. The strict lines of the paintwork are complemented by the soft curves of the mirrors, which are shaped like portholes. 

We ensured the designs and look created in the living area continued through into the dining area creating a cohesive space, but whilst maintaining the definition of two separate areas. 


The nautical, water-inspired theme continued into the bedrooms with bedroom 1 featuring a bold dark blue wall and a luxe fabric headboard with a subtle wave pattern. Bedroom 2 features wave-like paintwork continued from the hallway and a bespoke faux leather headboard creates an industrial vibe and juxtaposes with the soft curves.

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