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Communual area interiors



To create a welcoming communal area and lobby that reflects the industrial history of the area and is targeted at young professionals and first time buyers. It also needed to be a space residents could work from and socialise in.

Luxury interior styling
Interiors for communal lounges


Situated between Bromley by Bow and Lime House in the heart of east London, the building is surrounded by industrial heritage and former warehouses so we used these historical influences in our design to create a moody feel with homely touches.


In the lounge we’ve used dark velvets, tan leathers, dark metals and warm woods to create a dark and moody vibe to reflect the industrial style of the building. The traditional armchairs work perfectly in creating an eclectic feel that stands out against the more contemporary furniture pieces. They also contrast wonderfully with the blue painted wall and black shelving units.

In the seating area we teamed a dark charcoal velvet sofa with olive green leather armchairs, which are complemented by orange velvet footstools and a white marble coffee table. This ensured the space was practical yet luxurious. The brass details of the coffee table and floor lamp soften the industrial feel and add a touch of glamour. There was very little natural light so we hung a large mirror above the sofa to reflect lots of light around the room.

We used tall open shelving to break up the two seating areas. The black metal creates a strong, impactful design, while the faux plants and accessories add a softer energy.

As you enter the lounge a large sideboard with brass vertical stripes sits opposite to create a focal point. The artwork above was selected to reflect the nearby River Thames and the city of London.

In the kitchen and dining space we used a walnut table with modern sculptural chairs and a long seating bench for residents to work and socialise at.

At 6 metres tall we had to make a statement in the lobby area, so we used eye-catching custom made artwork to fill the height of the wall.  We added a neutral light grey sofa, white marble coffee table and olive green velvet armchair, which sat perfectly in front of the deep blue wall.

The faux plants and floor lamp add height to the space and mirror the height of the room.

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